Additional production, field recordings, effects, piano and sampled spoken word on Dawn To Come EP | EXTB027.


Production credits on the track “Reverberate This” by “The Super Mario People” - a collective formed at RBMA 2004 in the academy's studios on site. 

Do(s) Mineur 

The mine, a place of unifying activity. Sounds, voices, rumblings, bellowings, energy, heat, depth, matter, echoes and silence. An exploration of a buried sonic universe via experimentation with found sound, field recordings, sampled archival voice recordings and industrial inspired acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

Two part residency in Košice (SK) & Marseille (FR) under the patronage of Tabačka Kulturfabrik & GRIM - institute for improvised and experimental music held in September 2010 and January 2011. The creation of an audiovisual project with Julien Lemonnier & Fred de Benedetti culminating in two public performances in the aforementioned cities.

Slovak National Anthem (Hotel Kyjev Disco Cut) licenced for a teaser of “Týždeň slovenského filmu 2016” - an annual film festival showcasing Slovak cinema.


Appearance in a documentary about the slovak electronic music scene back in 2011.


Shot and edited a video promo for the final installment of BALANC, a live electronics event. The music used is a improvised drone composition created with other participants in a drone music workshop with Sylvain Chaveau.

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