Tomaš Ferko is the secret identity of Slovak born musician, dj, producer, radio host, and cassette label caretaker - Teapot. His work spans genres, ranging from lush layered electronics, sparse and haunting live instrumentation, to batshit, face-melting noise.

As a teenage bedroom producer, Teapot attended the 2004 Red Bull Music Academy in Rome. Following the experience, he cut his teeth as a live artist, performing mutant, ever-changing and often improvised shows at clubs, bars, and festivals across Europe. Back when being a kid with a laptop on stage was still uncommon. Together with his friends, Teapot then began running BALANC, a series of irregular events in his hometown of Prešov, booking almost exclusively electronic live acts as well as eclectic, leftfield electronica DJs to the area. These experiences springboarded him into his tenure as a resident DJ of Wilsonic festival and affiliated events.

In 2009 he began releasing music via Exitab, and scattering tracks and remixes across compilations and unofficial releases. After relocating to Prague in 2014, Teapot co-ran Altershapes, a community focused DIY platform and radio broadcast, acting as a content curator and radio-host.

Currently, he splits his time between managing the Punctum Tapes label & distribution, and performing as a charter member of Krajné Čierno, an experimental noise outfit, developing on the extemporaneous qualities of earlier work.

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